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Find clues, use logic, solve puzzles and work as a team to “escape” our immersive rooms in one hour! Are you ready for the most exhilarating hour of your life?

Welcome to Ocean State Escape!

Ready for a challenge? Ocean State Escape Room offers an immersive experience for all ages. Find clues, solve riddles, and work together to beat the clock. With multiple themed rooms, various lock styles, and larger spaces, the fun never ends. Schedule your next adventure today!

What We Are Known For

Everyone in the team will need to cooperate and communicate with each other as they navigate our highly immersive escape rooms. Ocean State Escape is the perfect Rhode Island venue to host a truly action-packed team building event.

With intriguing storylines, theatre-grade room design and highly engaging riddles and tasks, the games here at Ocean State Escape encourage all the people in your party to share the experience and work together towards escaping the room.

Ocean State Escape has multiple experiences to foster camaraderie and use problem solving skills to work together towards a common goal. 

Bachelor/ Bachelorette

A perfect addition to the festivities!

Group Events

Great for school and university groups, social service groups or sports teams

Special Date Nights

More engaging than dinner and a movie!

Family Reunions

A safe, fun, indoor activity. Great for a rainy day! Rooms are perfect for ages 7+!

Boy & Girl Scouts

Bring your troop and earn your escape room badge

Special Events

Rent our conference space with your escape room!

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Escape Rooms

Nonna's House

Something’s wrong when Nonna misses Sunday dinner
Book Nonna's

Mischievous Elves

Tick tock, Santa’s on the clock
Book Elves

Mummy’s Curse

The Egyptian exhibit just got weirder
Book Mummy's

News & Accolades

Check out our spotlight on Studio 10 where Mario and Rosie take on the Mummy’s Curse! Spoilers ahead!

Check out what Providence Business News has to say about Ocean State Escape (View). 

Awards & Nominations

Bullseye Award:
Mischievous Elves (View)

Top Escape Rooms Project Nominee: Mischievous Elves 

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Amanda Stearns
Amanda Stearns
Had a great time for our first escape room experience. Can't wait to go back. Staff were so friendly.
John C. Manoog
John C. Manoog
My family and I have done over 70 escape rooms and Ocean State ranks up there with one of the best rooms we have ever done. We did The Mummy and really enjoyed everything about the room. There were original puzzles, great tech and it was very immersive. I would highly recommend Ocean State. Also, the customer service was outstanding.
kara garceau
kara garceau
We did the Mummy's Curse for my son's birthday. It was clean, fun, well thought out and put together. We had a blast! And the owners are great people!
Gregory Philbrick
Gregory Philbrick
Had a great time
Amber Guillet
Amber Guillet
Great time with my daughter solving the Mischievous Elves, harder than we thought but staff was great to help with lots of hints. Def talking about coming back to try Nona’s Room. ☺️
Jill Ouillette
Jill Ouillette
Had a great time doing the Christmas themed escape room. First time for some in our group. Well done. Would go back. Just wish it was handicapped accessible.
Sofia I
Sofia I
We went to Ocean State Escape for my child's 16th birthday party. The kids all had fun figuring out the Elf Room and then we had snacks and cake in the meeting room I rented. The staff was great! Friendly and helpful. The place is nicely decorated too. Would definitely recommend it for a small party.
Michelle Galzin
Michelle Galzin
Great time had by all. Great place for kids.
Melissa Birri
Melissa Birri
Me my 7 year old daughter and husband went. We all had a blast. The mummy room is wicked awesome! The owners are a family and are super friendly. I highly recommend this place, super fun!

Best Escape Room in RI!

At Ocean State Escape you will lead your team on an adventure. Your group will have to work together to solve riddles, crack puzzles and complete tasks to find your way out within 60 minutes. Original puzzles, unique storylines, theater grade production and high degree of immersion make Ocean State Escape an unforgettable experience. 

About Us

We are a family of seven, born and raised in the state of Rhode Island. As escape room enthusiasts, we have completed over 100 different escape rooms across 12 states. With our wide range of knowledge in art, engineering, education, and science we design and create unique escape room adventures at Ocean State Escape. 

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