Christmas is in crisis!

Apparently, some of Santa’s elves have played a joke too far, hiding something Santa absolutely needs in order to go handing out Christmas presents to those who’ve been nice.

You are the world’s last hope.

Can you locate what the elves have hidden away so Christmas can be saved?

You have one hour.

The clock is ticking…


Nope, that’s not something I just made up.

That is the newest Escape Room to appear in Ocean State Escape.

Just in time for Christmas!

Almost like a Christmas miracle…


And that’s what your 2019 Christmas experience will be if you make this Rhode Island Escape Room your destination for the Christmas holidays.


So, what exactly is it that makes an Escape Room the perfect Christmas destination?


A thrilling experience…

Nonna hasn’t invited you over for Sunday dinner.

Worried, you head over to her house.

She’s gone!

It’s apparent she has been taken.

It seems her gambling habit has taken a very dangerous turn.

You have exactly one hour to set things right and get her back.

Can you do it?


Nonna’s House and The Mischievous Elves! are two of the Escape Games you can choose from here at Ocean State Escape.

Whichever game you choose, you are transported to a dream world far, far away from your everyday existence.

A breadcrumb trail of clues lie scattered throughout your Escape Room, showing you the way forward; while puzzles, riddles and tasks slow you down.

You have one hour.

The clock is ticking.

Can you resolve the situation and find your way out of the room?


..that everybody can take part in…

Escape rooms are built to be team activities. In fact, they are widely used for hosting team building and team bonding events.

You will need to

  • know and respect each other’s strengths;
  • communicate clearly among yourselves; and, 
  • work together as a team, not against each other.

in order to beat the clock and escape within one hour.

Everyone will have to participate; and everyone will have a scope to participate in the experience.

You’re stuck in Tulsa while the gang is in Manhattan?

So, you’re facing the Chandler Bing dilemma?

Work thing got you stuck somewhere alone?

Or, for whatever reason, you don’t have that big a team to be able to enjoy an Escape Room?

Don’t worry!

Our ‘public booking’ option will help us pair you up with other people so you can, hopefully, socialize and make new friends.


…and set up easily…

Unlike with many other kinds of events, organizing an Escape event here at Ocean State Escape is a  breeze.

  • Make a list of your team members. Count how many team members you have.
  • If you’re alone or there’s just two or three of you, decide whether you want to team up with others (public booking) or escape by yourselves (private booking).
  • Decide which Escape Game you want to try out – Nonna’s House or The Mischievous Elves!
  • Decide on a date and time.
  • Head over to the ‘Book Your Escape’ section on the Ocean State Escape website and check whether your chosen slot is available.
  • Wrap up the booking; boom, you’re all set!

It’s that simple.

You want to give someone an awesome Christmas gift?

An escape experience is one of the best Christmas gifts you can give someone.

An opportunity to break out of the daily grind to a dreamland of elves or vanishing grandma’s…a chance to bond with near and dear ones over a thrilling experience…surely, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

And how would you go about doing that?

Select which Escape Room you want to gift…Nope. At Ocean State Escape, you don’t have to choose!

Ocean State Escape gifts give the recipient the flexibility to plan their own escape room experience.

  • Go to the Gift Vouchers page and click on the image to access the gifts platform.
  • Enter the amount you want to gift, followed by some contact details and a personal message and wrap up the transaction; you’re done!


To conclude, if you’re looking for a chance to bond with near and dear ones over an enthralling experience; whether it’s for yourself or as a gift to someone you care about, Ocean State Escape is the way to go!

And that’s what makes it such a perfect Christmas destination.