The murderous rampages of Michael Myers will be associated with Halloween for a long, long time.

Yep, he’s still terrifying, despite having become much older (as has his sister Laurie) in the latest addition to the franchise.

That being said, binge-watching your favorite Halloween films is something you can do any day of the year.

If you do happen to be in Rhode Island on October 31st, here are the top 5 Halloween attractions you can check out to really get a feel of New England Halloween festivities.


Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Drawing inspirations from the will-o’-the-wisp (a.k.a. jack-o’-lantern) phenomenon, these specially carved lanterns are a Halloween staple.

And, at Roger Williams Park Zoo, you can find hundreds of intricately carved lamps lighting up your Jack-o’-Lantern Spectacular trail through the zoo.

The show follows the Wetlands Trail at the zoo, making the walk even more spectacular.

Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

The carvings range from sinister to slapstick.

And the hundreds of lanterns with their eerie glows lighting up the fall night-time is something you definitely cannot skip.

Weather conditions permitting, you may also be able to hop on to the Soaring Eagle zip ride.


PVD Salsa Bachata Festival Pre/Halloween Party

Ross and Rachel's infamous Millennium Dance

Finally, here’s a chance to show off those dance skills you’ve been talking about.

Skyline at Waterplace would be hosting a pre-party to celebrate the Providence Salsa Bachata Festival that begins November 1st.

You can look forward to music by DJ Locura and a Halloween costume competition to liven up your evening.


Find out what happened at Nonna’s House

Team up with your friends and find out what happened at Nonna’s House at Ocean State Escape.

  • A thrilling experience.
  • A chance to bond with friends and family over an exciting game.
  • An opportunity to test your mettle with thorny puzzles and tasks.

Combine to create a much sought Rhode Island Halloween attraction.


Vegan Trunk-or-Treat

This is THE perfect event for all you vegans out there.

All the candy, food and even prizes at this event are completely vegan and devoid of any animal products (the organizers ask participants to look for hidden animal products like gelatin and carmine).

It’s called ‘trunk-or-treat’ since the children will be going around from car to car in the parking lot at St Anthony Church in Northern Providence.


Experience Deadly Fantasies


You were thinking I’d forgotten, weren’t you?

A Halloween doesn’t really get over without a visit to a haunted house attraction.

You can check out the Deadly Fantasies home haunt at 10 Canonchet Trail in Johnston. Be prepared for the chills!


Office games

Of course, we realize that many people would have to troop into the office on Halloween.

But just because you have to go to work doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun! You know what all work and no play makes you.

It’s Halloween after all.

So, liven up your Halloween workday with

  • Costume party and parade
  • Trick-or-treating from booth to booth
  • Halloween lunch contest
  • Pumpkin carving contest
  • Office Halloween decorations
  • Get an early start on the season of giving by volunteering at a local soup kitchen or other charity


So there you are.

The Ocean State Escape shortlist of the top 5 Halloween attractions in Rhode Island, aimed at people ranging from music and dance enthusiasts to vegans and even some office party game suggestions for those who’ll have to trudge into work on Halloween.