I bet I know what you’re thinking.

An use of an escape room that’s unique or unusual is not the hot topic of discussion among Rhode Islanders this week.

Nevertheless, it may prove useful to discover this quirky way taking part in an escape room game can prove useful – it may prove beneficial to you one day!

What are the better known uses of an escape room?

Let’s consider Nonna’s House, Rhode Island’s premier escape room.

Nonna has vanished…

Every week, Nonna invites you over for dinner on Sundays.

So, why didn’t she send the invitation this Sunday?

Wouldn’t have anything to do with that gambling habit of hers, would it?

You have one hour to find out what’s going on, and get Nonna back. If you don’t succeed, she may be gone forever.

A break from our day to day lives

  • A break from the daily routine.
  • A pleasant awakening from the stupor that is day-to-day life.
  • An hour far away from the madding crowd of emails, phone calls, tasks, and commitments.

An hour in which you will find yourself flung into a dramatic situation, where you need to work against time to unearth clues, find your way past obstacles, and move towards the climax.

Can you rally your team?

Your team

An escape game is always a group experience.

The entire team needs to work together to find the way forward.

The team leader must be able to inspire the team to give their best towards winning the game.

Escape rooms are known to encourage team building and team bonding.

Team members’ communication skills and out of the box thinking will be put to the test.

Skills, skills, and skills!

  • Team building skills
  • Communication skills
  • Out of the box thinking skills

Riddle me this – what do those have in common?

  1. They’re skills we need every day in our lives.
  2. They’re skills that escape rooms are known to be able to stimulate.

Feel charged up about an escape room visit?

Hold on, I’m not done.

Bonding with your family and with your friends

I’ve been speaking a lot about team building and team bonding in escape rooms.

Question is, who is in these teams?

Well, they could be

In an age when we’re all becoming more and more enclosed in our own digital bubbles – whether it’s coordinating with work mates on Slack, or sinking into a daze of TikTok videos – a dose of digital detox and real contact with real human beings can prove amazingly refreshing.


Right, so that’s

  • A break from the mundane day-to-day life
  • A thrilling experience which all members of the group can take part in
  • Crucial skills – team skills, communication skills, and out of the box thinking skills – being boosted
  • A time to bond with family and friends

Those are the uses of an escape room we’ve gone over.

So, what’s that use of an escape room I promised you’d be floored by?

The use of an escape room you’d never have guessed – revealed!

Teaching physics.


It’s true.

Physics-based escape game

Once the initial surprise wears off, I think you begin to grasp the idea.

It’s an escape game, but one in which the puzzles and tasks are based on physics.

And, oh, it’s a virtual game that can be played on phones, rather than a real life escape game like Ocean State Escape.

While that may take away some of the escape room qualities, like a real life experience, without digital distractions, with friends and family, it’s something maybe schools could look into, as a kind of alternative to written assessments?


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