The weekend.

  • That glorious bit of the week when you can finally hang up on work.
  • When you know people are generally free, and looking forward to meeting up.
  • When it’s time to cut loose, and recharge the batteries for the week ahead.

That’s why planning for the weekend is so critical to make the best out of it…and why search terms like ‘things to do in Rhode Island over the weekend’ are so common on Google.

Here’s the thing about weekend planning

As glorious as it is, the weekend is brief.

It barely lasts 24 hours, after which we start on yet another workweek.

Time is fleeting

With a time that’s so fleeting, it’s critical to plan in advance.

If you leave it till it’s too late, ten to one, by the time you’ve got your weekend activity planned and organized, the weekend is half gone, and you’re left with a bitter taste in your mouth, as time flows on to the week ahead.

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To help you plan ahead, here are some of the things you could be doing here at Rhode Island over the weekend

Escape the days of your lives

After having trudged through the workweek, wouldn’t it be nice to escape our everyday lives for an hour?

Go on an adventure of sorts, with your near and dear ones, and make shared memories that’ll last years?

There’s a place in Rhode Island where you can do exactly that – go on an adventure with your near and dear ones, and take part in a wildly enjoyable experience.

Become an investigator

become a detective for an hour

Would you like to be a detective? Gif courtesy giphy.

How would you like to solve a mystery?

Someone has mysteriously vanished. It seems their house is the scene of the crime.

Can you visit the house, uncover any clues that may be lying around, and unearth the truth?

You have one hour, beyond which the person may be lost forever.

How about it?

Does fishing out clues and evidence to find a missing person sound like something that could brighten up your Rhode Island weekend?

Sharpen those problem solving skills

Every day of our lives, we’re engaged in one task or another, and tackling the same basic problem – how to get from point A to point B within the least time possible/by the best path possible.

How to overcome obstacles that may lie on the way.

How to prepare for a certain task, and anticipate what you may need to see it through.

Problem solving is a skill we all require in our real lives, almost all the time.

Does it make sense to do something over the weekend that sharpens your aptitude for problem solving and logical thinking?

Bond with the near and dear ones

Like we saw earlier, the weekend is the time of the week when people generally have time off, and are looking to do something special.

It’s an opportune time to get together with your near and dear ones.

Just getting together?

As in with the dinner parties, where maybe 2 people do 90% of the talking while many just quietly withdraw to their corners, feeling a bit left out?

Nope, we aim higher than that.

We aim for a Rhode Island weekend activity that’ll have every single person in your group want to take part wholeheartedly, and indeed, take part enthusiastically, making for a heartwarming event overall.

Boost those teambuilding skills

After yet another tense week at the workplace, with debates, disagreements, and deadlines galore, how about the entire team head out for an event at the weekend?

But this isn’t just any event.

This is one where they’ll be forced to work as a team, communicating among themselves and respecting each other’s abilities in a relaxed and fun setting, implicitly boosting the teambuilding skills.

So, where is the place on Rhode Island where you can

  • Escape the days of your lives
  • Become an investigator
  • Sharpen your problem solving skills
  • Bond with near and dear ones, and
  • Boost team spirit?

It’s in Johnston, Rhode Island, a 12 minute drive from Providence, and opposite X1 Gaming.

It’s Rhode Island’s #1 Escape Room.

It’s Ocean State Escape.