Even as I write this, New Year 2020 draws closer and closer.

Within a day, not even two, we will have officially crossed over into new year 2020.

Which is why we need to look into how best to welcome new year 2020 in Rhode Island.

But first,


2020 – Is it just another new year?

A new year – any new year – is an event by itself, but new year 2020 is just that little bit more special.


Well, it does happen to be the gateway for the 2020’s, a whole new decade, the third one of the 21st century.

The last decade – the 2010s – happened to be one of great tumult and upheaval.

Social media exploded like never before, and work pressures and other anxieties took hold of a lot of us.

That being said, what does 2020 and the 2020’s have in store for us?

What should we look forward to? Should we be aware of anything?

How to best welcome new year 2020 in Rhode Island?

Here’s the official Ocean State Escape Room guide to how to best welcome 2020 in Rhode Island.


Newport Waterfront Oyster Festival

How does an oyster festival sound?

Featuring oysters from oyster farms and restaurants all around Rhode Island, the Newport Waterfront Oyster Festival is sure to be a big weekend for oyster fans.

Date – May 15th (Friday) to May 17th (Sunday)

Time – 11AM to 5PM

Location – Bowen’s Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

Entry – Tickets are $27 if booked earlier and $35 at the door. Free entry for children 12 and younger.


The Inaugural RI VegFest

Hosted by Robin Dionne of VegFest RI, this event will bring together vendors of vegan food and craft, and looking to spread the idea of veganism.

With The Economist having declared 2019 as the Year of the Vegan, 2020 would seem to be the ideal year to attend a vegan festival.

Is veganism the same as vegetarianism?

Many people use the terms interchangeably, but if you want to tell them apart,

  • Vegetarianism is mostly a diet that does not include animal flesh like fish or meat.
  • Veganism is a way of life/philosophy that excludes all animal products like fish, meat, eggs and leather.

Date – February 23 (Sunday)

Time – 11AM to 4PM.

Location – WaterFire Arts Center, 475 Valley Street, Providence, RI, 02908.

Entry – Tickets are $5 to $15.


Reconnect with your loved ones

Like I said, the 2010’s was the decade when social media really exploded upon us.

While some older stars like Orkut and hi5 faded out, Facebook and Twitter held steady, and a whole lot of new stars, from video-based networks like Twitch to messaging platforms like WhatsApp made themselves known.

What does that mean?

That means that there’s just a whole lot of digital platforms out there vying to capture our attention and keep us locked within them…and, going by trends, they’re successful at that.

While, no doubt, this means access to a whole lot of content – from informative and entertaining – that may otherwise have been impossible, this also means we’re hunkering down in our own digital silos and snapping off our connections with real people in the real world.

Let 2020 be the year of a digital detox

Let 2020 be the year you do a bit of digital detox.

Unplug yourself from the virtual world and meet up with real people in the real world, and take part in a shared, thrilling activity.

Out of ideas?

Well, I can’t give suggestions for anywhere, but if you’re looking for a family friendly activity in Rhode Island that’s easy to put together, may I suggest a round at Rhode Island’s best escape room?


31st Newport Winter Festival

Looking forward to a more than week long celebration of winter with your family and friends, all over Newport?

Then you need to check out the 31st Newport Winter Festival.

This is one of those affairs combining food, festivities, and music that is so typical to New England.

Date – February 14 (Friday) – February 23 (Sunday).

Time – Varies depending on the day. You should consult the festival website.

Location – Varies depending on the day. You should consult the festival website.

Entry – Varies depending on the day. You should consult the festival website.


Track the NASA Mars 2020 mission

2020, or 2021, might very well turn out to be the year we find out the answer to whether Martians are really raring to invade Earth.

Mars attacks!

Mars attacks!

More seriously, this mission will collect rocks and soil from the surface of Mars, which will help us determine whether Mars can sustain human life.

What does this have to do with Rhode Island, specifically?


This is just something great that’s going to happen in 2020, and it’s as significant to someone in Rhode Island as it is to someone in Rwanda.

Tune in to the NASA livestream of the progress on the mission.


To sum up,

The Top 5 Things To Do In 2020 In Rhode Island are

  • Newport Waterfront Oyster Festival
  • The Inaugural RI VegFest
  • Reconnect with your loved ones
  • 31st Newport Winter Festival
  • Track the NASA Mars 2020 mission

Do you agree with this list?

Or is there something else you’d rather do in 2020?

Please tell us in a comment below!