• You’re slouched out on the sofa with a bowl of French fries or chicken wings and a bottle of soft drinks, and just flicking channels on the television.
  • You want to organize a group event to make the family get-together memorable (and also impress them with your organizing ability).
  • You’ve been put in charge of organizing an office event; and your boss wants it to include some team building activities.

Do any of these sound like your life right now?
Then listen very carefully to what I have to say.


A 12 minute drive from Providence, on Hartford Avenue in Johnston, on the 3rd floor of Bond Plaza is the Rhode Island place you really should check out.
It’s an escape room called…wait for it…Ocean State Escape.


Nonna has vanished…

And you need to find out what happened to her.

You (as in your team) have 60 minutes to unearth clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks to find out what happened to Nonna.

In other words, an escape mission here at Ocean State Escape will see you

  • Engage in a mentally stimulating activity in a secure and stress-free environment (we make sure that you’re never in any actual danger)
  • Take part in a shared experience with other people (whether you meet up with new people or you share your experience with your friendly only will be discussed shortly)
  • Increase your team building and team leading skills, sharpen your situational awareness and boost out of the box thinking (most useful for group bookings from companies, law enforcement, schools and colleges and so on)

Which I’m sure you’ll agree points to a well-rounded and rewarding experience.


Will you get to meet new people?

Whether you get to meet new people or enjoy your Ocean State Escape experience with your team only is up to you.

We at Ocean State Escape have two kinds of bookings.

  • One is the public booking. Here only the base rate applies to each ticket.

However, if your team is smaller than the capacity of the escape room, we may club you with another team who also have a public booking. This is a great opportunity to meet new people.

  • If, on the other hand, you want a private experience with your team only, you can go for a private booking.

Here, $5 will be added to each ticket if your team is smaller than half the capacity of the escape room.


Can you just leave your couch and walk over to 1428 Hartford Avenue and walk into an Ocean State Escape room whenever you feel like it?

Yes and no.

Yes, we do allow walk-ins.

However, since we do have an online booking system, you do understand that we have to give precedence to players who have booked their rooms in advance.

Furthermore, Monday through to Wednesday, we are available by appointment only. Please consult our FAQ page for more information.


Who makes group bookings at Ocean State Escape?


From HR guys looking for a good venue to host the next office team building event to moms desperate to plan the birthday party of the century for their kids to just groups of friends looking for a good alternative to bar hopping.


So…is Ocean State Escape the Johnny Carson of Rhode Island amusement centers?

Well, Rhode Island certainly is different to a gaming arcade or a bar, which means it’s a whole different breed of amusement center.

You certainly need to be on your feet and quick of wit to really get into the spirit.

Beyond that, we certainly can’t become judges in our own case. It’s up to you to check us out and be the judge!


Finally, for those of you who’re a bit nervous about this whole ‘escape room’ or ‘solving the mystery of what happened to Nonna’ thing, we’ve brought out a guide to winning at an escape room.